with a sustainable Cuisine

Traube Blansingen is a 15 seat restaurant offering an inspired set menu embracing all this is grown, foraged, hunted and reared throughout the Markgräflerland.

Our aim is to invest in the future with a sustainable cuisine. We build relationships and choose only to work with passionate and enthusiastic artisans and producers who are like-minded in their zealous approach. That way, we can reduce our carbon footprint and waste, while giving back to the environment.

The majority of our ingredients are grown in the Markgräflerland and its surrounding regions. Our menu is a culmination of the day’s harvest and is constantly evolving; influenced by weather, time of year, terroir, the Chef’s mood and careful evaluation. Our responsibility is to transport the energy and identity of each ingredient to our guests resulting in a playful and delicious journey we are excited to take you on.

Products used for our current menu

Kohlrabi | Cous-Cous | Ginger | Trout | Asparagus | Herbs | Celeriac | Mushrooms | Hazelnut | Pork | Carrot | Wild Garlic | Mountain Cheese | Onion | Mustardseeds | Rhubarb | Lemon | Basil

Six Courses 170 €

Wine Pairing 100 €

Juice Pairing 75 €

(Menu duration about 3 hours.
Images do not necessarily show the current menu.)

Please note:

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in our restaurant. We are happy to welcome children from the age of 12.